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Key Characteristics of Quality Hotel Mattresses

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The Australian hospitality industry is highly competitive, and hoteliers must develop innovative and creative solutions to enhance customers' experience. Making hotel rooms feel like home is an excellent place to start from, which is why you need quality mattresses. Yet, choosing hotel mattresses entails prioritising either durability, comfort or ease of maintenance. Luckily, modern mattresses are designed to deliver all three attributes. However, to keep guests and workers happy, you should also consider hospitality mattresses with the following features.

Temperature Regulating Coils

When discussing mattress comfort, most people consider firmness. However, sleeping involves a lot more than the body's orientation. For instance, fluctuating body temperature and extreme weather conditions can make sleeping uncomfortable. Therefore, you should think about keeping guests comfortable during Australia's hot summers. Notably, hotel mattresses equipped with cooling devices provide comfort in hot weather. For example, temperature-regulating mattresses feature a robust coil system that improves airflow and maintains comfortable mattress temperatures. You should also explore mattresses featuring a gel-infused layer of memory form, which draws excess heat trapped during the day. To keep guests warm and comfortable during winter, invest in hospitality mattresses featuring internal heating coils.

Foam-Encased Edge

Sitting on a bed is something everyone does. Sometimes you want to do some work on your laptop or meditate for a few minutes before sleeping. However, sitting on a bed usually gets uncomfortable after a few minutes. Unfortunately, most hotels do not have the luxury of equipping all their rooms with extra furniture. Therefore, accessorising your beds so that guests can comfortably sit as they work on their computers is innovative. In this regard, you need to buy mattresses featuring a foam-encased edge to allow guests to sit comfortably on their beds. However, bedsprings should be strong enough to support guests in the sitting position and protect their lower back.

Extra Centre Foam

The most comfortable hotel mattresses are made of foam due to the material's body-hugging ability. However, the support mechanisms in some mattresses treat the body as one unit, which is not ideal. Naturally, the body's upper half (head to the stomach) is the heaviest part and exerts more pressure on a mattress than the lower half. As a result, it promotes uneven support for guests as well as irregular wear of a mattress. Therefore, high-quality hotel mattresses should feature extra foam at the mid-section to offer additional support to the body. To learn more, contact a company that provides hospitality mattresses