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Features That Make Bunk Beds More Functional

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Of course, bunk beds save space in a room, allowing you to install two beds in a small child's bedroom. However, these furniture pieces come in diverse configurations rather than the simple one bunk over the other. Some creative constructions can be multipurpose and offer a range of other functional benefits. Here are some features to look out for.

Extra Storage

Extra storage always comes in handy. When purchasing bunk beds, consider models that integrate storage into the design. That way, you won't have to push boxes of stuff underneath the bed, which can look messy and haphazard. Storage is often included in two spots: under the stairs that lead to the top bunk and as drawers under the bottom bunk.

Thus, consider bunk designs with solid stairs, on which you can lift the lid of each step to access the storage inside. Alternatively, look for drawers set at the base of the bunk unit. Some bunks are built with shelves and storage added at one end as an extra component rather than having it integrated more subtly into the design. Bookshelves will give the bunks a classic air.

Another Bed

Another handy addition to a bunk bed is a pull-out third mattress and bed underneath the bottom bunk. If your children have friends to sleep over, you can simply pull out this mattress rather than set up a camp bed. This functionality will help in a compact room, as the spare bed will be hidden from view until it's needed.

Study Nook

You might be able to find a style that has a built-in study nook, which will free up space elsewhere in the room. For example, in some designs, a wall barrier is built along the centre of the bottom bunk, with access at each end. Then, on the outer side of that wall, a desk or countertop can extend between the two access points at either end. The bunks can thus provide a flat table space for small children to play with their toys or draw.

Alternatively, install bunks with the top bunk against the wall and the lower bunk perpendicular to it. Then, use the spare floor area under the top bunk for a desk and lamp, creating a cosy study nook. A step ladder leading to the top bunk will provide a sense of a wall or a divider so that the study area feels more private and secluded.

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