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How An Adjustable Electric Bed Is Good For Your Health

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An adjustable bed is one that you can change the sleeping position depending on your preference. These beds have two or more hinges which work using a motor. They can raise or lower the bed position independent of each other. In the past, these beds were only used in hospitals. But, more people are appreciating the advantages that come with adjustable electric beds. Apart from increasing your comfort, adjustable beds are excellent for your health. Here are the health gains of using adjustable beds. 

Reduce Back Pain

Since you can adjust the mattress on both the head and the food, you can find a sleeping position that will support the spine. That will reduce the pressure on the sciatic nerve. When you are positioning the base, you will get to sleep comfortably on your back. Most of the back pains are caused when the nerves get confined in the bottom of the spine. It is possible to ease these pains when using an adjustable electric bed. You will need to slant the head at 45 degrees to remove the compression at your back. Sleeping in this position also reduces the chances of getting neck pains.

Improved Blood Circulation

These electric beds help you sleep more comfortably and relax if your legs and feet swell a lot. An electric adjustable bed will help you put your legs in a position that is slightly elevated. That reduces the swelling and helps in increasing the blood circulation. The adjustable bed will also help you if you have health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. They ensure you have increased comfort and rest easy.

Reduce Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Most people tend to snore when they are lying flat. When you are in such a position, the windpipe gets pressure from the neck. That will lead to the closing of the trachea and causes you to snore. With the adjustable electric bed, you can lift your head to a position that will generate gravity. That will reduce the pressure on your windpipe and stop the snoring habit. Sleeping while the head is raised can also help deal with conditions such as asthma and sleep apnea. That is because an adjustable bed frame enables you to sleep in a position that increases the flow of air and opens the nasal pathways. 


The modern adjustable electric beds do not have to look mechanical. You are sure to find some that have designer upholstery and features that will look good with your decor. The best thing is that they will help you get quality sleep.