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Why Wicker Furniture Is Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use

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Wicker has been an important material in the design and construction of many different types of furniture throughout human history. Not only is it easy to source in some areas, but it is remarkably strong and workable, which makes it ideal to create great and unique pieces of furniture. Whether you are looking to purchase furniture to decorate around your pool or are just trying to find the right chairs for your kitchen bench, wicker is the way to go. Here are a few reasons why.


There are not many materials that can be water-proofed as thoroughly or as easily as wicker can, which makes it ideal for locations that are otherwise unsuited to the vast bulk of traditional furniture. Wicker furniture is often spotted around your barbeque, in the bathroom or even on the front porch for this very reason. When choosing your wicker furniture, ensure that it has been treated because, although wicker has naturally good resistance to water damage, it is always better beef up this security with modern technology. These coatings are not noticeable at all once your wicker furniture is in hand, as they are odourless, colourless and leave no texture. If you love that wicker feel, don't worry—it will still be the same!


When looking for multi-purpose indoor and outdoor furniture, you will no doubt be factoring in the price quite heavily. The last thing you want to do is spend a fortune on wooden or intricately designed metal chairs for them to mould, rust or otherwise deteriorate in a couple of years. While wicker is, as mentioned above, very good at resisting the elements, it is also much cheaper than virtually any alternative on the market. That is because wicker is very easy to grow and harvest since it is mostly either rattan or reeds. Don't risk your whole bank account on furniture that will get its durability tested to the maximum. Get wicker furniture and relax knowing that even if something does go wrong, you can afford to replace or fix it.


Outside furniture should always be very comfortable to sit on, and an important factor in those red hot Australian summers is airflow. Furniture with good airflow will be far more comfortable because they don't allow sweat to build up and make you stick to the surface. Wicker furniture is probably the most naturally breathable and open-aired furniture material in the world due to the woven construction. Wicker furniture will never make you sweat or feel stuffy and will allow a good draft at all times, regulating your body heat naturally.