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What To Do When The Exterior Of Your Furniture Starts To Fall Into Disrepair

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Many people spend months or even years looking for the perfect piece of furniture. It has to be the right size, have just the right amount of comfort and be stylistically in line with the rest of the room or house. Not an easy checklist to fill, which is why when you do find something, it is extremely rewarding. Unfortunately, furniture (and especially chairs) age quite poorly due to the tight covering over the frame and use of material (primarily fabric but also leather) that tends to thin easily. If your furniture is starting to look a little bare, don't throw it out. Replacement chair covers are more accessible and customisable than ever. 

Can't The Original Store Fix The Furniture Covering?

Usually, when you buy a chair or piece of furniture from a company, that is when the relationship ends. Most furniture stores do not keep replacement parts for repairs specifically because they want you to come back and buy new furniture in the future. If you take the furniture back to them the best they could do is perhaps change it out for a new model if it is under warranty. Much of the time, however, you are out of luck, and there is no recourse from the original salesman. 

Replacement Chair Covers

Luckily, for the lovers of old chair sand furniture, there are many great furniture experts and smaller niche outlets that do specialise in replacement chair covers. Most of the time they just need to see a few pictures of your chairs to know if they can do the job you need. If they can, they will give you a quote and work can begin almost immediately. They will need to see the chair and, depending on whether the replacement chair covers are permanently attached or removable, they might need to work on it in the shop rather than just working off measurements. In only a few days your furniture will be ready for delivery.

Can All Types Of Furniture Get Restored?

It is important to remember that replacement chair covers are not a fix for structural problems in the chair. If the supporting network of timber or metal bars and springs are damaged in any way then you need cabinetmakers, not cover replacers. With cushioning it can be different, as some replacement chair cover businesses will fill up your pillow and give them some much needed new life. Always make sure to mention whether or not you want this, however, as it may not be automatically assumed. 

For more tips on replacement chair covers, reach out to a local furniture store.