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Kitchen Renovations: What to Do With Your Cabinets

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Cabinets are a big part of any kitchen. Unfortunately, they won't last forever, and cabinets that show their age can affect how your entire kitchen looks. The good news is that, with some attention to your cabinetry on your next kitchen renovation project, you can give your kitchen the much-needed facelift.

Here is a look at the options you have for your cabinetry-centred kitchen renovations and some highlights of the merits of each.

1. Repainting

Painting your kitchen cabinets is the cheapest method of updating their look. You can always change the colour or the shade of the paint. However, the fact remains that all you will be doing with this type of kitchen renovations is a freshening up of the existing look.

2. Refacing

Refacing involves replacing the drawers and doors, that is, the front-facing cabinet parts, while the rest of the framework remains intact. The said framework must be structurally sound; otherwise, it may be necessary to replace the cabinets. On matters of cost, refacing costs more than repainting, but it is still cheaper than a full replacement.

3. Replacement

This last one is, of course, the costliest among the three options. You will be ripping out your current cabinets and installing new ones in their place. You can go with the same size and design as before, or choose to go with something completely different.

What to Choose?

The current state of your cabinets matters a lot. Where the cabinets are really worn out from age or have suffered some water-damage, then a full cabinet replacement may be the only option for your kitchen renovations.

Again, you will need to consider your budget. How much are you willing to spend? If you are working with a tight budget, but still want to give your cabinets a different look, then refacing should do. On the other hand, if you have the money for it, you can splurge on a full replacement.

Also, important to consider is how your cabinets fit into your bigger kitchen renovations picture. If you intend to do some more work to change the layout of your kitchen, you may need to move around your cabinet. Also, which option will give you a look that best complements the rest of your space after the kitchen renovations?

Final thoughts

Should you repaint, reface, or replace? It all depends on several factors, and input from the designer and contractor working on your kitchen renovation project will be invaluable in helping you make the decision.

For more information, reach out to a kitchen renovation service today.