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Two common mistakes people make when shopping at furniture stores

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Here are a couple of common mistakes people make when they go shopping at furniture stores.

Bringing photos of their other new decor instead of physical samples

People often decide to get new furniture when they're redecorating an entire room (or their entire home). As such, they may need to pick out furniture which matches the carpets, rugs, curtains and other decor items they've already selected. The mistake these people make, however, is snapping photos of their new carpets and other decor items on their phone and using these photos to check that the furniture they buy matches it, instead of taking physical samples into the store with them.

This is a bad idea, as a photo does not always depict an object accurately. The graphics of the phone on which a person takes a photo, as well as the lighting conditions and the quality of the camera feature can all affect how the colours look. If for example, someone takes a photo of a carpet swatch in a room lit only by a lamp, on their poor-quality camera, the carpet might look both pixelated and darker than it actually is.

As such, if a person chooses a piece of furniture that matches a photo of their new carpet rather than a physical sample that they've brought with them to the furniture store, they might end up with, for example, a sofa whose colouring does not quite match their new carpet.

Not sitting or lying on the furniture in the way that they would in their own home

Some people also make the mistake of not sitting or lying on the furniture store's showroom furniture in the way that they would if they had that furniture in their home. For instance, they might sit stiffly and totally upright whilst trying out an armchair, rather than curling up in it and laying their head fully against its headrest, as they would do when they're at home. However, trying out furniture in this manner is the only way for a person to find out if they'll enjoy using it on a daily basis. If for example, a person sits upright on a chair instead of laying their head back, they might not realise that the headrest isn't soft enough to do this comfortably for long periods.

People usually do this because they are worried about looking silly in front of the furniture store's other customers or because they fear the store's staff will chastise them for doing this. However, as long as they don't spend ages trying out a chair or treat it badly (by, for example, not removing their dirty shoes before curling up on a big armchair with their feet on the seat), it's unlikely that the staff or the other customers will notice or care.

Reach out to a local furniture store to get more tips.